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Acousti Coat 150

Affordable Sound Deadening Latex Coating now available in the UAE.

Acousti-Coat is a heavy bodied, water based flat latex paint formulated with ceramic microspheres and sound absorbing fillers. The combination of a high loading of the Ceramic Microspheres with their vacuum centers reduces sound transmission and the soft pigment fillers absorb sound and prevent it from bouncing off the surface. Noise reduction in the 500Hz, (500Hz is mid frequency of the human voice) is reduced by 30%.

Acousti-Coat is for use on interior surfaces including drywall ceilings and walls, plaster, primedmetal and wood. This product is an inexpensive, easy to apply surface coating with superior soundabsorbing properties as compared to conventional paints. Acousti-Coat is the ideal paint forinterior ceilings as the heavy concentration of insulating ceramics and other pigments provides ahighly reflective heat barrier to the painted surface reducing heat intrusion into the air conditionedspaces below.The small texture helps in hiding surface defects such as drywall joints, dings anddents.

*Fast drying

*Dampens ringing and tinning noise in metal structures

*Environmentally friendly,Non-Toxic

*Able to be painted over

*High resistance to heat transfer


Call 050-185-1368/04-238-2173 to enquire about pricing and place order. 

Acousti Coat 150

  • Vehicle Type: Vinyl Acrylic Emulsion

    Finish: Flat

    Solvent: Water

    WEIGHT PER GALLON: 10.9 lbs.

    Drying Time Touch: 2 Hour Recoat: 8 hours

    Coverage: 100-150 square feet per gallon

    Voc Level: < 50 gms / ltr Complies with all Federal, State and Local VOC standards.

    Surface Preparation Surfaces must be clean and free of dirt, mildew, grease, excess chalk, loose or scaling paint. Repair or replace any deteriorated surfaces. Scuff sand glossy surfaces.

    Recommended Primers: Aluminum and galvanized metal, #15 Aqua-Prime Rusted metal: Clean,wire brush and apply one coat #18 Metal Prime or # 17 Rust Cure
    Wood: Unpainted should be primed with # 16 Stain blocker.
    Synthetic Masonry Stucco (EIFS): Prime with Chalk Locker #10.
    Masonry/ Concrete: New and previously painted, remove all traces of form releasing agents, Prime all chalky surface areas prime with Chalk Locker #10.

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