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S1 Screen Plus

Paint On Screen - Proof in Performance

Why Is Paint On Screen A Better Solution?
Has superior contrast and visual depth compared to vinyl or material screens.

Formulated to dry ultra smooth and reduce surface textures providing better clarity.

Particulate size, binder density and leafing properties are all designed to reject ambient light.

Provides neutral spectral response eliminating image color shift and hot spotting.


Can clearly represent any pixel resolution including 1080p, 2K, UHD, 4K and 8K.

Costs hundreds less than other solutions.

Is very easy to apply with no special mixing or tools.

Lasts a lifetime, and can be painted over if needed.

Carries a 100% satisfied, no questions asked, guarantee.

Complete lineup is water based and low voc.

S1 Screen Plus

  • Gain:                                                    1.5

    Resolution:                                           HD 1080p, 4k Capable

    3D Capable:                                         Active Shutter

    Color:                                                   Light Grey Silverish

    Apply:                                                  Roll or Spray

    Viewing Angle:                                    Wide 150 degree cone

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